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The Kingdom Of Ansteorra
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Today is October 24th
Anno Societatis XXXXIX
(Being 2014 C.E.)

Their Royal Majesties

King Lochlan Dunn

King's Heraldry

Queen Michelle Chantal de Charente

Queen's Heraldry


Head of Entourage:
Adelaide de Bourbon

Head Lady-in-Waiting: (Her Highness): Adena Terricsdottir

Head Lady-in-Waiting: (His Highness): Ameline Dubois

Royal Secretary: Sabine Curter

Scroll: Honour DuBois

Herald: Adalia VonderBurg

Garb Coordinator (Her Highness): Mistress Marguarite Dinard

Garb Coordinator (His Highness): Mistress Ameline du Bois

Largess & Token Coordinator: Lady Margherita de Mantua

Royal Progress